ESR3 – Oscar Saavedra (INSERM)

Background: Physics, Soft Matter, Microfluidics

Profile: Oscar Saavedra obtained his Bachelor’s in Applied Physics and Master’s degree in Physical Engineering from University of Santiago of Chile (USACH). He carried out his master thesis at the Soft Matter Research and Technology Center (SMAT-C) at USACH, Chile focusing on the development of a new method to internal stress measurement on confined particle raft. After his master, he worked in the “Physics and Morphogenesis of Microcirculation” group at the Center of Structural Biochemistry (CBS, INSERM and CNRS lab). Oscar is currently working as a Marie Curie PhD fellow in the same laboratory in the “Structure and Dynamics of Membrane Assemblies” group headed by Dr. Pierre-Emmanuel Milhiet

ETN Topic: High speed atomic force microscopy under controlled environmental conditions