Beneficiary 2: INSERM

Institut National de la Santé e la Research Medicale (INSERM)

Scientist in Charge: Pierre-Emmanuel Milhiet

insermINSERM ( is the French national institute for health and research. The INSERM was founded 50 years ago, and covers all facets of fundamental and applied biomedical research, ranging from biophysics to public health. It is subdivided in 10 topical sub-institutes.

The team “Structure and Dynamics of Membrane Assemblies”, applicant in this project, is part of the Single Molecule Biophysics Department of the CBS (U1054 INSERM, UMR5048 CNRS, Montpellier University, and of the sub-institute “Molecular and Structural Bases of Living Organisms”. The team is multidisciplinary gathering people with training in biology, physico-chemistry and physics. The team is specialized in the study of membrane remodeling in eukaryotes using advanced microscopies such as high-resolution and high-speed atomic force microscopy and single molecule localization microscopy. The team is also deeply involved in methodological developments.