Beneficiary 7: KEYSIGHT

Keysight Technologies Oesterreich GmbH (KEYSIGHT)

Scientist in Charge: Ferry Kienberger

keysightKEYSIGHT Technologies ( is one of the world’s premier measurement companies with 10.200 employees. KEYSIGHT offers high-precision, modular AFM solutions for research, industry, and education. One system does it all is the concept behind the design of KEYSIGHT’s AFM systems for materials science and life science studies. The microwave microscope (SMM) is a new scanning probe microscope that combines the power of KEYSIGHT AFMs with KEYSIGHT’s 40-year legacy of network analysis at high frequencies. Performance network analysers PNA are combined with the AFM for nanoscale and macroscale investigations at frequencies of 67 GHz, 110 GHz, and up to 1.2 THz. KEYSIGHT Technologies Austria GmbH includes one of the leading research labs focused on the AFM and high frequency imaging PNA technology.

The Austrian research lab is the only KEYSIGHT lab worldwide with a focus on the high frequency nanoscale imaging technology (WEB???).