Beneficiary 4: JKU

Johaness Kepler University of Linz (JKU)

Scientist in Charge: Peter Hinterdorfer

jkuThe Johannes Kepler University (JKU) Linz boasts future-oriented academic degree programs, excellence in teaching and research, numerous partnerships in Austria and abroad, and a unique campus with park-like grounds. JKU has become a cutting-edge institution for science, academics, business and the community. Over 19,000 students are enrolled in over 60 modern, hands-on academic degree programs that have outstanding career prospects.

The Institute for Biophysics at JKU ( employs about 70 people with 7 permanent scientists. The research of the AFM group lead by Prof. Hinterdorfer is focused around nanoscopic techniques in life science, bio-nano technology, and medical diagnostics. In particular, the research covers molecular recognition and transport in several molecular and cellular systems (structured sensors, cells of the immune systems, etc.).