ESR10 – David Toth (KEYSIGHT)

Background: Material Science, Nanotechnology

Profile: David studied at the University of Debrecen, Hungary for both his bachelor and master’s degrees. He finished his Physics BSc on applied physics specialization in the summer of 2014. During his thesis, he worked on acoustic analysis of brittle fracture of silica-aerogel. In 2017 February, he finished his MSc on Material Science on nanomaterials specialization. The topic of his thesis was Topographical and mechanical measurements of surface structures on photosensitive materials via atomic force microscope. During his master study, he completed an internship at the ITMO university in Saint Petersburg, Russia, where he was working on holographic recordings and surface modification of nanoparticles. Since 2017 March he is employed by Keysight Technologies GmbH where he works with scanning microwave microscope semiconductor characterization

ETN Topic: Microwave microscope for 3D tomography including hardware, software, and modelling