ESR2 – Harishankar Balakrishnan (IBEC)

Background: Nanomedicine, Bio-engineering, Nanochemistry

Profile: Harishankar Balakrishnan completed his Bachelor’s and Masters in Bioengineering and Medical Nanotechnology respectively. Hari’s master thesis was from Harvard – MIT Health Sciences and Technology Division, Boston dealing with Cancer Nanomedicine. After his masters, he has worked at CSIR – National Chemical Laboratory on Nanochemistry and Bio-engineering. Hari has been a recipient of various fellowships like Indian Academy of Sciences (IAS), Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Harvard-MIT HST internship and is currently working as a Marie Curie pre-doctoral fellow at Dr. Gabriel Gomila’s Nanoscale Bioelectrical Characterization group at IBEC

ETN Topic: Nanoscale Tomography based in Electrostatic Force Microscopy